Wells Fargo – Ken Caryl & Pierce Branch Racist Incident?

Below is my email I sent to James Lucci james.lucci@wellsfargo.com, about an incident that transpired at a local Wells Fargo branch here in Littleton, Colorado. I felt it may have been racially motivated and racist white supremacist, since I believe I was an only non-white in this branch at a time this event occurred. Below, I was called a “Jackass” after I had asked an older white male if it was my skin color that was causing him to confront me and yell at me.

Hello Mr. Lucci,

I am contacting you regarding an incident that took place at your branch that you manage:


Around 11:15 AM this morning Saturday December 22nd, I went to that branch like I have been doing a last month or so. Immediately I felt that one of your tellers was rude to me. She made me feel defensive by asking if I wanted to have my paycheck deposited when I didn’t even give her a deposit slip.

She did not say hi to me or asked how I was doing. I told her I wanted that check cashed. She asked me if the check I had was legitimate, as if I would try to cash a bad check. I told her it was a paycheck.

She said she probably wouldn’t be able to cash it and instead needed to deposit all of it because of something to do with my account status. Then this teller asked me if my employer provided direct deposit. I immediately felt defensive, because I did not think it was any of her business or Wells Fargo’s business needing that information.

I asked to speak with a Manager and Julie Leeper your service manager came over. I explained to her what had happened and she insisted that that on duty teller was trying to upsell a direct deposit service. That is not true, the teller point blank asked me if my employer provided direct deposit, as if it was my fault she would have to cash my check instead of deposit it all.

She didn’t even attempt to cash my check, your service manager told her to go ahead and try to cash it. I agreed to have some of my money deposited just so I could get my business over with. Also, I felt as if your service manager was trying to upsell me a direct deposit service that I don’t want and need by saying I could fill out some kind of direct deposit form.

For now, I like being paid in checks and I like cashing all my checks for an entire amount. Also, I paid for a cashier’s check with cash I had on hand. Finally, I received some cash back from that partially deposited check.

Your service manager then asked me if there were certain questions that I did not want being asked. I went over a list of grievances that I had, like being harassed before and repeatedly upsold on savings accounts after closing two of them. Your service manager Julie Leeper seemed to not like my grievances of your banking policies.

What surprised me even more, one of your customers interrupted our conversation and started getting angry with me. He told me to stop already and claimed I addressed my grievances 5 times. I felt threatened and even more defensive that I don’t think I was even given a deposit slip or receipt.

I may have received one but I just wanted to leave your bank as soon as possible. I wasn’t sure why one of your customers would interrupt my conversation with your service manager, eves drop on our conversation, and why he would care and even be angry at me. When I confronted him as I was walking out of that branch he yelled at me and called me a “JACKASS”.

Your service manager Julie Leeper actually told me to leave after one of your other customers was yelling at me and name calling. I asked him why he was name calling and how I thought that wasn’t very polite. I then left your branch and am stunned your service manager Julie Leeper would allow another customer to treat another customer in that manner. Also, I was stunned she asked me to leave after being yelled at and name called by another wells fargo customer.

All I did was address my grievances with your bank service manager. Are any of your customers allowed to question what kind of service they are getting anymore? Am I not allowed to address what I perceived as a rude teller, hostile customer, and questionable personal questions asked by your tellers?

Is this how your service manager Julie Leeper treats all her customers and asks them to leave after they start getting harassed by another customer? I have already filed two verbal complaints, one with the main wells fargo corporate customer service and I filed another verbal complaint with a wells fargo branch also on Ken Caryl inside a Safeway. I would like a public apology both from your service manager Julie Leeper and that other Wells Fargo customer.

I will be filing formal written complaints via email and on paper to upper management on the board of directors at Wells Fargo. Also, I will be filing email, verbal, and written complaints to a regional manager by name of Peter Dehate. One last comment, I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for almost 20 years since 1993, one of your other tellers at that same branch is nothing but professional so this is not a personal vendetta with your branch or wells fargo.

Perhaps I should go elsewhere for my banking needs.


Aaron J. Berg