Talk Shoe – Censors Reality UnKnown Broadcast

On Friday September 28th, 2012, I decided to perform an impromptu simulcast of The Context of White Supremacy radio program. I had been simulcasting The C.O.W.S. Saturday evening compensatory call in for months prior. What transpired on this Friday evening is a bit perplexing but not surprising when trying to discuss or even get out a message about racism white supremacy terrorism.

About two hours into my simulcast, I noticed in The Context of White Supremacy broadcast’s chat room, that a “Call recording has ended.” message displayed. Soon after nobody could enter in chat comments. Also, I noticed same occurrences in my broadcast chat room.

A “Call recording has ended.” message displayed and I was unable to enter in any more text messages. Luckily a radio host of the C.O.W.S. was streaming audio via I continuted listening as he was streaming parts of the Turner Diaries.

After finishing streaming parts of the Turner Diaries, the C.O.W.S. radio host spoke about his call ending abruptly. He also described how his old TalkShoe call ID 122689 disappeared and he could no longer log into his TalkShoe account. His broadcast was cut off completely mid program.

My simulcast TalkShoe call ID of 67971 was renumbered for a short while to 679719999. My broadcast was also cut off completely mid program. Approximately two hours and seven minutes into my simulcast of The Context of White Supremacy, my broadcast was cut completely.

I then checked other TalkShoe programs ie. Luis Ewing’s Pro-Se Winners and I did not witness any other broadcasts with problems. Around forty plus minutes after The Context of White Supremacy and Reality UnKnown broadcasts were cut from broadcasting live, I decided to email TalkShoe support. Below is my email to TalkShoe support in its entirety.

Listen to a fifty six minute preview of Episode #101


This evening my talkshoe call id 67971 was changed to 679719999. Also, I can no longer log into my talkshoe host account. I can’t use my email address that I used to sign up for talkshoe to host calls, to reset my password.

Please let me know what I can do and if I can get this situation rectified.



A short while later, after sending that email message, I noticed my TalkShoe call ID 67971 disappeared and I could no longer log into my TalkShoe account. Also, I could not use my email address to reset my password. I effectively was removed off the TalkShoe website for all intents and purposes.

At time of this blog post creation, I have yet to get a response from TalkShoe support. Also, on, all of my chat transcripts from all 188 previous broadcasts disappeared. Yes that is one hundred and eighty eight broadcast transcripts that disappeared into the ether called the Internet.

Also, my old TalkShoe RSS feed no longer has any downloadeable mp3’s. I am documenting my experiences as a real activist broadcaster on for other potential victims of white terrorism as well as other activists whom are thinking of using this venue as a way to get their message out for public consumption. Was it just a coincidence that two broadcasts on TalkShoe that have been discussing and disseminating information about racism white supremacy terrorism would get both their call ID’s, logins, etc. completely removed at literally same time during same time period?

I for one don’t beLIEve in coincidences of this nature with so many similarities involved. At first, I thought perhaps a TalkShoe bug had bitten both of our broadcasts and even some person(s) may have hacked our accounts. However, it is quite clear in my subjective mind that both of our broadcasts were removed and we have basically been banned from because of our content.

I find it ironic that a myriad of overt racist white supremacist TalkShoe broadcasts still exist on a home page of afore mentioned website. American Nazi Party, Commander McBride Neo Nazi, Cristogenos, Liberty Your Inheritence, Fourth Position, etc. still remain on air. These broadcasts from my dogmatic subjective perspective are overt racism white supremacy broadcasts.

I realize that TalkShoe is a private website with a terms of service. However, where is equality for all? When listening to afore mentioned overt white supremacist broadcasts that defame non-whites, then I think a message is quite clear.

I felt compelled to write this blog post documenting my Reality UnKnown broadcast being censored off a TalkShoe venue. I move on from this learning experience and will NOT stop talking about or getting a message out about racism white supremacy to the non-white world. I will never be silenced, by remaining defiant and vigilant until the end.