Marshall County Schools – Shooting by Gabe Parker Kills Two

UPDATE: 7/21/2018

The fifteen year old perpetrator of this school shooting was indeed a WHITE boy. Gabe Parker has been identified as the shooter. He murdered two students and injured 14 other students.

I find this quote quite interesting:

“He said he wanted to see how students would respond, how police would respond, how society at large would respond to it — that more or less he wanted to see how people would react,”

This white boy planned this shooting at least a week in advance. The night before this savagery partook, he took his step fathers Ruger nine millimeter semi automatic pistol. Gabe stored this gat in his back pack.

He even brought along a hunting knife to potentially protect himself. Gabe Parker was charged with murder and assault as an adult. Although, he was only fifteen years old at the time of his prototypical white behavior.

I did notice that even though he is officially being charged as an adult, he was placed in McCracken County Juvenile Center. Don’t you think this white savage should be placed in an adult jail? He perpetrated his whiteness on January 23rd two thousand eighteen.

However, Gabe has since admitted he thought of perpetrating a school shooting in December. Also, authoritative goons that interviewed him after the fact, claim he was quite calm and relaxed when discussing his actions. This interview allegedly transpired for two full hours.

Gabe never blamed or complained of any of the following:

* bullying
* abuse
* neglect
* parental dysfunction
* female dysfunctional relationship

This white boy went into the commons area at this school and started blasting caps. School surveillance cameras recorded this act of white terrorism. This white boy was able to hide among some of these students.

He separated himself from the nine millimeter. He was still armed and dangerous with the hunting knife. Police gestapo eventually apprehended him and he remained scratch free.

Gabe just started shooting indiscriminately. He did NOT target anyone specific individual. This WHITE boy claims he did NOT know one of his victims.

You will NOT believe what I am about to report. The local police goons gestapo fed him McDonald’s. This white piece of shit murderer was catered to and served McDonald’s.

You cannot make this shit up. He received a cheeseburger and some french fries. This brings back memories of Dylann Roof whom was served Burger King as he was being extradited back to South Carolina, after murdering nine Africans.

He faces two counts of murder and 14 counts of first degree assault as an adult. I do NOT know if both murder charges are of the first degree or NOT. Gabe claimed he wanted to perpetrate this school shooting to break the “monotony”.

I guess White Supremacy terrorism gets boring for white people. There might be some evidence proving that this white boy had actually started planning this school shooting six months prior. His February ninth Juvenile hearing lasted just 30 minutes.

His second appearance was on March 13, 2018. He faces life in prison and twenty five of those years without the possibility of parole. His next court date is scheduled for August 3, 2018.

His lawyers are arguing the constitutionality of his case being transferred to an adult circuit court. This could be prototypical white stall tactics. Gabe was a member of the Marshall County High School band.

His musical instrument of choice was the Tuba. His Instagram page has since been removed. I have witnessed multiple white people on the Internet trying to forgive this white trash terrorist.

Here is just one such validation of his whiteness perhaps:

“Hey guys. Have a bullet in my chest. Surgery soon.

I’m fine and I’m praying for everyone affected. The boy who did this was hurting too. And we can’t hate him.

I love you all. praying for you”

This quote was from Hannah Danae, a white girl and one of his victims no less. She to me is a liar. According to my intelligence gathering, Gabe has lived a life without any types of misery.

He even bragged that his relationship with his parents was getting better. He spent quite a bit of time with his grand mother. This white terrorist Gabe Parker was NOT hurting.

He lived a very gratifying active life without drama, bullying, molestation, violence, neglect, etc. How the fuck could you feel sorry for a violent savage that murdered two people because his life included “monotony”?

Another school shooting in the white mans system of white terrorism. This time a fifteen year old Marshall County Schools student capped around nineteen students. Two of them later succumbed to their gun shot wounds and died.

I am suspicious that a white boy perpetrated these murders. However, his name has not been released until he is officially indicted for this savage behaviour. You see in Ameria statistics show that a high percentage, we are talking around 70 to 80 percent of all public shootings are perpetrated by WHITE boys.

We might find out his identity soon enough. Authoritative goons claim that this fifteen year old savage will be charged as an adult. This shooting took place around 8 AM Tuesday, January twenty third two thousand eigteen at Marshall County High School in Kentucky.

Supposedly, this student will be charged with murder and attempted murder. Local gestapo arrived on scene and apprehended the student gunman ALIVE. Allegedly, most of the students at this high school fled after caps started flying.

This is not normally what occurs in AmeriKKKa. Usually, high schools are placed under lockdown and students are forbidden from leaving during a shooting incident, false alarm, etc. Supposedly, there have been nine school shootings in America already, twenty three days into the new abstract calendar year.

A female student died at this Kentucky High School. A male student later died at a local hospital. All students involved were from this same high school.

The names of both students, that died, have been released and that information is public information:

* Bailey Nicole Holt age 15
* Preston Ryan Cope age 15

It might take awhile for the fifteen year old perpetrator to become identified, as he must be indicted by a local grand jury. Since he is under eighteen than his name remains private. If he is tried as an adult then his name will become released as public information.