Beirut Explosion Cause – Lebanon Military State of Emergency Power

Here we go again. As an anarchist I am always repulsed at the quick reactions of government military dictatorships worldwide. Within hours of the Beirut explosion, that transpired on August 4, 2020, the Lebanese government declared a two weeks state of emergency.

This is the official statement quoted verbatim from the Supreme Defense Council of Lebanon, posted on the President of Lebanon’s official website:

A committee was entrusted to investigate the causes of the explosion disaster and raise the results of its work within a maximum period of 5 days, in addition to working to help citizens and securing accommodation for those who lost their houses. The President stressed the need to investigate what happened and hold everyone responsible, and decided to release the extraordinary budget appropriation to face the disaster. Prime Minister Diab declared national mourning and total closure for three days: “I will not rest until I find who is responsible for what happened and hold him accountable”.

The Supreme Defense Council, in a special session held at the Presidential Palace, chaired by President Michel Aoun, decided to declare Beirut as a disaster city, and to declare a state of emergency for a period of two weeks from the date of 4/8/2020, and assigned a commission of inquiry to the reasons that led to the explosion disaster that occurred in the port of Beirut and raise the result of its work to the competent judicial references within a maximum period of 5 days, from date, provided that maximum penalties are applied against the responsible.The Council decided to provide the necessary assistance to the hospital sector, and to instruct the Higher Relief Commission to conduct a survey of the damage and to provide shelter for the families whose homes were damaged.During the session, President Aoun stressed the need to care for the affected citizens, and to conduct investigations, holding those responsible for what happened.

The President also reported receiving a series of contacts from Kings and heads of Arab and foreign countries who expressed their solidarity with Lebanon and their desire to provide necessary assistance. Moreover, the President decided to release the extraordinary appropriation in the 2020 budget of 100 Billion Lebanese Pounds, which is devoted to exceptional and emergency circumstances.For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab affirmed that he won’t rest until finding the person responsible for what happened, holding him accountable and inflicting the most severe penalties, “Because it is unacceptable that a shipment of Ammonium estimated at 2750 tins, existed for six years in a warehouse, without any preventive measures”.

The defense meeting was held at 9:30pm, and attended by: Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, Deputy Prime Minister, National Defense Minister, Zeina Akar, Foreign and Emigrants Minister, Charbel Wehbe, Interior and Municipalities Minister, Mohammed Fahmy, Finance Minister, Ghazi Wazny, Economy and Trade Minister, Raoul Nehme, Public Works and Transportation Minister, Michel Najjar, Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, General Director of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, General Director of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, Secretary General of the Higher Defense Council, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, Cassation Attorney General, Judge Ghassan Ouweidat, Governmental Deputy Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Fady Akiki, Beirut Governor, Marwan Abboud, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Customs, Brigadier Assaad Toufaili, Customs Director General, Badri Daher, Beirut Port Chairman, Hassan Kraytem, Director General of Civil Defense, Brigadier Raymond Khattar, Director of Army Intelligence, General Antoine Mansour, Director of the Information Branch in the General Directorate of General Security, Brigadier Manh Sawaya, Head of ISF Information Branch, Brigadier Khaled Hammoud, Assistant Director General of State Security, Brigadier Samir Sannan, Director General of the Lebanese Presidency, Dr. Antoine Choucair, and the President’s Security and Military Adviser, Brigadier Paul Matar.Statement:After the meeting, Major General Al-Asmar read the following statement:“At the invitation of His Excellency, General Michel Aoun, the Supreme Defense Council convened in an emergency meeting devoted to discuss the huge explosion that occurred in the Port of Beirut, this afternoon.

The meeting was attended by: Prime Minister, National Defense Minister, Interior Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Economy and Trade Minister, Public Works Minister, Cassation Attorney General, Leaders of Security and Military services and intelligence apparatuses, Director General of the Presidency, Secretary General of the Supreme Defense Council, head of the Supreme Council of Customs, Director General of Customs, Assistant Commissioner of the Government to the Military Court, Beirut Governor, Chairman of the Beirut Port, Secretary General of the Higher Relief Commission, Director General of Civil Defense, and the Security and Military Adviser of His Excellency the President.At the beginning, His Excellency asked to stand for a minute of silence in mourning martyrs of the huge explosion, offered his condolences for families, and wished speedy recovery for the wounded, indicating that a major catastrophe occurred in Lebanon, and preliminary information states a large number of martyrs and wounded.“The purpose of this meeting is to take necessary judicial and security measures, assist citizens, treat patients and preserve public property” the President added pointing to the necessity of investigating what happened and determining responsibilities, especially since security reports stated that there were flammable and explosive materials in the warehouse where the disaster took place.

His Excellency, the President, said that several contacts were received from the Presidents and Kings of Arab and foreign countries to express solidarity with Lebanon in this emerging ordeal, and to provide urgent assistance in various fields.Then, the Prime Minister condoled martyrs, and wished the wounded a speedy recovery, calling for the formation of an investigation committee to issue results of its investigations within a maximum of 5 days, and to determine responsibilities.“I, as Prime Minister, will not rest until we find the person responsible for what happened and hold him accountable and impose the most severe penalties because it is unacceptable that a shipment of Ammonium, estimated around 2750 tons, be present for 6 years in a warehouse, without taking preventive measures, in addition to endangering the safety of the people and the population and this is something that cannot be tolerated” PM Diab said. The Prime Minister also stressed the necessity of declaring a state of emergency in Beirut, for a renewable period of two weeks.

After deliberation and discussion of reports prepared by competent agencies on the disaster, the Supreme Defense Council decided to submit the following recommendations to the Council of Ministers:1-    Declaring Beirut a disaster city.2-    According to Article 3 of the Defense Law No. 102 and Articles 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Legislative Decree No. 52, dated 5/8/1968, declaring a state of emergency in the city of Beirut for two weeks, that is from 4/8/2020 until 18/8/2020. The competent authorities exercise the powers stipulated in Legislative Decree No. 52/1968 and, according to Article 3 of the Decree, the Supreme Military Authority shall immediately assume the authority to maintain security and place all armed forces at its disposal, including the Internal Security Forces, General Security, State Security, Customs, armed forces in ports, airport and in armed guard units, including firefighters. These forces perform their basic duties in accordance with their own laws and under the command of the Supreme Military Command.

The Supreme Military Authority also chooses by decision of some elements from the mentioned forces to assign them to special tasks and missions related to security operations, guarding sensitive points and rescue operations.3-    Assigning an investigation committee, to uncover the reasons that led to the occurrence of this disaster, provided that the results of the investigations are submitted to the competent judicial authorities within a maximum period of 5 days from its date, provided that the maximum levels of sanctions are taken against the responsible.4-    Allocating funds for hospitals to cover the expenses of the wounded.5-    Paying necessary compensation to martyrs’ families.6-    Supplying wheat quantities, after the damage inflicted on stored quantities in the warehouses.7-    Providing the Port of Tripoli to secure commercial operations from import and export.8-    Forming a crisis cell to monitor the repercussions of this disaster at all levels.9-    Restricting the sale of flour to ovens.10- Instructing the Higher Relief Commission to survey the damage in coordination with the Lebanese Army.11- Contacting all countries and their embassies to secure the necessary aid and donations and establishing special funds for this purpose.12- Instructing the Higher Relief Commission to secure shelter for families whose houses are no longer suitable for living, and to contact the Education Ministry to open schools to receive these families.13- Establishing a mechanism for importing glass and controlling the prices of materials that are used to repair damages. His Excellency, the President of the Republic decided to release the exceptional accreditation stipulated in Article 85 of the Constitution and the 2020 year budget, which amounts to 100 Billion Lebanese Pounds and is allocated to exceptional and urgent circumstances.The Prime Minister also declared national mourning and lockdown for three days.

This gives the Lebanese military full control of Beirut, which is the capitol of Lebanon. Most if not all nation states with a formal government and military are really just out right military dictatorships in disguise. However, giving overt control of an area inhabited by humans to me is extreme cause for concern.

According to an official statement read out loud by Lebanon’s information minister, the Lebanese military will be allowed to arrest anyone they deem associated with the storage of the alleged 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate, that they claim caused this massive blast. This is ripe for abuse against Lebanese people. These arrests are claimed as just “house” arrests.

This ammonium nitrate was allegedly stored at a facility near the downtown district of Beirut. Why the fuck did this government military dictatorship even allow the storage of this type of material that close to human beings. I do not necessarily believe in the first two official narratives.

First it was claimed that this was just a fireworks blast, no pun intended. Then the second narrative was that it was ammonium nitrate that caused an entire area to become wiped out causing over 100 deaths and 4000 injuries as of this blog post creation. When I first began watching videos of this blast, I immediately thought it was some type of nuclear blast.

There are quite a few Lebanese people with this same viewpoint. However, the official narrative remains that of ammonium nitrate blast. There is no doubt in the many videos, I watched that yes indeed possibly some fireworks did ignite or were those some kind of shaped charges ignitions?

I clearly saw smaller flashes of ignitions or blasts. However, there was a first blast that created a large white grey cloud. Then there was a huge white ring that surrounded a huge blast that resulted in a more colorful cloud, no pun intended.

There is communication on the Internet of the possibility of this being a nuclear blast. Also, there is one photo I looked at that clearly showed a possible bomb or device dropped right before the massive second blast. When viewing over head satellite photos of the blast area, this Beirut port was completely destroyed.

It was not like a handful of warehouse buildings were destroyed. No, possibly hundreds ofoutlying buildings were completely wiped out. Beirut’s industrial water front port was completely destroyed.

Even nearby large buildings were damaged. Ammonium Nitrate is a nitrogen fertilizer. You must remember that the 1995 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Alfred P Murrah bombing was blamed on you guessed it an ammonium nitrate nitrogen fertilizer bomb.

I was not present in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, 2020 to observe these blast(s) with my own senses. I was not present to observe, witness, experience this event, so I do not know what exactly occurred. However, I am suspicious of the first two narritives given as official explanations.

The second blast had a shockwave and large mushroom cloud similar to a nuclear blast. Here are quotations from real people discussing this on Twitter. WARNING, I guess now I will be hated for posting comments from what I consider possible real people and not controlled opposition, emmissary, cointelpro, agents, etc.

You would think it was a tactical nuclear warhead the way it went off, terrifying.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. It happens to be firecrackers. Perhaps 0.1 to 0.2 kilotons!

You never heard of tactical nuclear weapons. Or even handheld nuclear weapons? You should. There are thousands in stockpiles across the globe.

It wasn’t the mushroom what made me think “nuclear”. It was the shockwave.

Almost looks nuclear.

My god what is this. No one can imagine or think such a big explsion like nuclear bomb.

So they say fireworks…. yeah fvcking right…

Was that a nuclear power plant?? That was no normal explosion.

Oh my God the big white building that’s right next to the fire, it’s completely obliterated.

You can see the shockwave ripping up buildings in its wake. Terrifying.

That looked nuclear.

It looks like all the nearby buildings got completely devastated…

Probably munitions / bombs. You can see small explosions in the fire, probably smaller munitions going off. Nothing else on earth explodes like that. :[ Reminds me of the explosion in china a couple years ago, which was also military munitions.

Dude it was so scary how close the building you were in was to the bomb cause that could’ve fallen down.

Holy shit that looks catastrophic.

All of those a fore mentioned verbatim quotations came from this Twitter post pertaining to this Beirut explosion cause. This is just one post out on the Internet discussing this Beirut explosion cause and yet you have multiple assertions from what I consider real people potentially, claiming that it seemed like a nuclear blast not fireworks and not an ammonium nitrate nitrogen fertilizer blast. Obviously, not all of those a fore mentioned comments mentioned a nuclear blast.

However, I wanted to include other quotations that questioned or contradicted the two official narratives of fireworks or an ammonium nitrate nitrogen fertilizer blast. Also, not to censor, I did not include the real names of those that commented. You can certainly verify on your own those quotations true origins.

Often times I do not link to social media posts because you are living a continued censorship society where any deviation and or variation of reality compared to “official” narratives is quickly scrubbed. However, hopefully this Twitter post remains for your verification purposes. As a blogger it can be a real pain in the fucking ass to have to run a dead link scan on your blog posts, in order to remove any non working links.

Anyways, this Beirut explosion cause sure has received quite a bit of attention on the Internet, as it should be receiving.

Hoaxbusterscall Chris Kendall – Death and His Military Connections

UPDATE: 06/27/2020

After further investigation. Chris Kendall admits that he was born into a military family in this Talkshoe with Markus Allen and a slew of other “Truthers”. At 42:30 into this conversation Chris Kendall spills the military beans.

“Yeah, I mean and my brother is in the military. My dad was in the military. My dad was actually a green baret.”

Also, his sister, Renee Robinson, commented on this Talkshoe audio that was uploaded to Youtube that “…He had a accident and died…”. She was referring to her brother Chris Kendall. When Chris was initially found dead, his sister claimed that he was murdered.

She seems to change her story at times from him being murdered to him dying from an accident. I do not know why this is.

I was working on a future video report about former congressman and presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, being a freemason, when I found out that Chris Kendall from Hoaxbusterscall had died on April 10 of 2020. You see Chris Kendall had contacted I think the former secretary of an Eastern Star lodge, to verify whether or not Ron Paul’s daughters were indeed Eastern Star freemasons. I decided to record this video report, because I actually participated with Chris Kendall on calls in 2009.

Chris Kendall made his first appearance from my recollection on Markus Allen Goldstein’s Truth in 7 Minutes podcast on sometime in 2009. At first he would just call in and participate with myself, Markus Allen, and other individuals. Then later in 2009 he created his Hoaxbusterscall Talkshoe podcast.

He invited me numerous times to become a guest participant. I also invited him on as a guest participant. Almost always Markus Allen would participate and even invite both Chris Kendall and I onto his podcast.

I parted ways with the hole truth movement niche, as I was getting sick and tired of the infighting, gossiping, and what I consider other nonsense that transpires in that phony movement. Anyways, I think that early 2011 was the last time I had communicated with both Chris Kendall and Markus Allen. Jayce, I think that is how you spell his name, from the Alien Fossil Project recorded a video pertaining to Chris Kendall’s Hoaxbusterscall a few years ago.

Alien Fossil Project’s father was also “ex” military interestingly enough. That video is one of the few times since 2011 that I had listened to anything with Chris Kendall involved. I moved on long ago, with other aspirations, obviously.

I was going to use Chris Kendall’s audio recording of that telephone call with a former secretary of a local Eastern Star lodge in Texas as proof for my Ron Paul report, which I still plan to record. Hopefully, I can find it in Chris’s Hoaxbusterscall archives. Either way I will eventually record a video detailing Ron Paul’s military connections, freemasonic connections, and bold face lies about his foreign policy stance.

Markus Allen Goldstein of Truthin7minutes infamy, claims that Chris Kendall may have faked his death. Also, Markus claims Chris’s sister is some kind of serial GoFundMe money raiser. I am suspicious of Chris Kendall’s death.

However, not in the manner that Markus Allen Goldstein claims. Chris Kendall was actually “ex” military. He served in the United States Navy for 6 years before receiving an honorable discharge.

I do not necessarily buy the claim that he died accidentally of in laymans terms, “bleeding to death”. He was found deceased in his backyard in Lawton Oklahoma around 2:30 PM local time on April 10 of 2020. I never met Chris Kendall in person.

I never spoke to him individually on private telephone calls. However, I participated with him in quite a few public conference calls in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Hopefully, my video report about him was productive.

I do not have any proof to the contrary of his death. However, county coroner’s offices in the United States have been known to fabricate the cause of death on death certificates. I just do not necessarily believe that he died from an accidentental bleeding of his left leg.

Allegedly, an autopsy was performed on Chris Kendall. However, will that become public information? Life is short enough on planet earth, let alone having to deal with another possible homicide, at least to me.

Ahed Tamimi Israeli Soldier – Slapper Released From Prison

Ahed Tamimi the internationally known Palestinian teenage girl that slapped an Israeli soldier a few years ago, has been released from an Israeli prison. Ahed to me is a white Palestinian girl with blonde, blue eyes, and pale skin. However, it is white people that make those distinctions and decisions.

I have concluded that to me at least she could pass for a white person. I stumbled across this Palestinian girl at least six years ago on YouTube. This is NOT the first time that she has physically confronted Israeli military terrorists.

She has been an “activist” at least since 2010 or when she was just nine years old. Currently, she is seventeen and was just sixteen years old when serving time in an Israeli prison for slapping one of these violent savage Israeli. Obviously, you now know my stance on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

She has a history of confronting Israeli military terrorists. Many of her confrontations have been video graphed and uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube, LiveLeaks, DailyMotion, etc. In my opinion she is able to use her whiteness in order to even shout and yell at Israeli soldiers.

However, she may have even crossed the line by actually trying to use physical force. These scumbag Israeli soldiers deserve more than just a slap across the face. I support anyone in symbol that defies military occupations in the world order.

However, in this instance, I am a bit skeptical of all this attention this white girl is receiving. Also, she did have her sentence reduced and did NOT serve her full sentence in an Israeli prison. As a matter of fact on the day she was released, July 29, 2018, she met with the Palestinian Prime Minister.

If Ahed Tamimi was a Palestinian teenager with color, I do NOT think she would be receiving this much international attention. I could certainly be wrong about this assertion. White people love to insert themselves into situations for various reasons perhaps.

Her father to me is a white man. Her mother I am on the fence with. It is possible that her biological mother would NOT be considered a white person.

These are extremely important distinctions in the system of white terrorism. Allegedly, Israeli military terrorists attempted to enter the Tamimi family home. Originally, she faced twelve total charges in an Israeli military court.

One of those charges being slapping an Israeli soldier. She was arrested by Israeli military at night time. If you think America is a military dictatorship, Palestine is even worse.

Israeli military courts supposedly have a 99 percent conviction rate. In America, most government military courts have a 95 percent conviction rate. Ahed’s mother, Nariman, was also charged for incitement, for posting this video graphed altercation on the Internet.

This family currently lives in the occupied area known as Nabih Saleh. I really do NOT think a Palestinian girl activist with color would be receiving all this attention. I have noticed this pattern in the system of white terrorism.

There are countless activists with color that never receive any attention and or mention. This white Palestinian girl has turned into an International star. Completely ridiculous from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

This white girl to me, was released twenty one days early. Also, there are many Palestinian children that have NOT been released from Israeli prisons way past their sentences. Technically, Ahed was considered a prisoner of war by the Israeli military terrorists.

On December 15, 2017, she supposedly slapped an Israeli military soldier. Israel to me is just another white colony in the world wide system of white terrorism. Ahed was convicted of incitement, aggravated assault and obstructing Israeli soldiers.

She was scene on video kicking soldiers as well. She lives in the occupied territory of the West Bank. How the fuck do you think those that are occupied are going to react?

Four days later on December 19, 2017, she was officially arrested after her mother released video footage of her daughter slapping and kicking at soldiers. This is laughable to me because these soldiers armed to the teeth were easily able to swat away her actions. This is NOT the first time this white girl has confronted Israeli soldiers.

She has screamed at and confronted Israeli soldiers countless times. In my opinion she has been allowed to conduct herself in this manner because of her whiteness. I have concluded this as the only logical explanation.

Many brown Palestinians have been murdered throughout this occupation. If a brown Palestinian girl used these same tactics who knows what type of out come may have occurred. The eight months sentence to me was absurd and over kill even for a white girl.

Perhaps the Israeli military terrorists wanted to use this incident as an example. I could see this type of sentence possibly intimidating those Palestinians that are opposed to their oppressors. Ahed is not the only member of this Tamimi family that has been arrested by Israeli military terrorists.

Their 22 year old son is currently housed in an Israeli military prison for also opposing the occupation of Palestine.

“This is a day of relief, which we hope will blossom into happiness once this brutal military occupation is out of our lives. My son is still in Israeli prison for the duration of military court proceedings against him, which is a reminder that Israel’s occupation is always seeking to punish us because our existence contradicts the existence of the occupation. And so, I call on members of the international community to uphold their responsibility towards our people and take concrete steps to end this perpetual injustice.”

A fifteen year old cousin of Ahed’s was struck by a rubber bullet by Israeli soldiers on December 15, 2017. I believe this was the same day that she had her infamous confrontation with Israeli soldiers. These two Palestinians were protesting Donald “Chump” Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

There are around 350 children detained in Israeli prisons. I wonder how many of them would be classified as NOT white?

Emergency Alert System Generator – in Hawaii False Missile Alarm

The emergency alert system generator that the State of Hawaii government uses created a false alarm panic. You cannnot fucking make this garbage up. Whenever people in government obtain technology, many times they cause further problems.

These government military buffoons in Hawaii had to send out counter alerts. You see many Hawaii residents received a text message with the statement below:


a United States military terrorist, by the name of David Benham labeled this a false alarm. This clown is a Unitd States Pacific Command Commander. Some bureaucratic criminals from the State of Hawaii claimed this false alarm was not acceptable and that heads would roll.

I do NOT necessarily think that this was just an accident. Governments and their militaries all through out history have intentionally scared their own citizenry. This mobile alert was disseminated on Saturday January thirteen two thousand eighteen.

In America it is the job of the Military terrorists to destroy your life, er I mean warn you of inpending doom, including missile attacks. The United States military allegedly has a satellite missile detection system that is supposedly capable of detecing missiles entering the abstraction called the United States. This system allegedly monitors Hawaii as well.

However, human error has been blamed for this travesty in Hawaii. Perhaps it was NOT human error and intentional. Who knows, I don’t know.

In Colorado we get emergency alerts via Google Android and Apple iPhone. However, I have figured out a way to disable them. This wireless emergency alert system is part of the same emergency alert system that is tested on your local television station(s).

Also, the emergency alert system uses air sirens like during a tornado warning. Yesterday only a false alarm alert was sent out via wireless and television. Thankfully, none of those annoying air sirens were used.

You see to me at least, government military actually puts your life at greater risk period end of story. Quite frankly even if America was attacked by missiles, I would not fucking care, because America to me is the worlds largest terrorist organization. The American military deserver to get attacked by missiles because the way they have behaved for over two hundred years now.

Although I don’t get into the fear mongering and I am skeptical of all this histeria with North Korea. Finally, I would not doubt that this “false alarm” was actually intentional in order to scare the residents in Hawaii. You have to keep creating a false boogie man in order to justify invading other parts of the planet, as a military empire.

Ottawa Ontario Canada – Man Joshua Boyle Sexual Assault Charges

UPDATE: 7/29/2018
Joshua Boyle’s wife has returned to the United States of America with her three children. She is originally from Pennsylvania. However, Joshua did NOT accompany her.

He still faces numerous assault charges including sexual assault charges. I am still skeptical of parts of this narrative. This white family amazingly enough went camping in a war zone called Afghanistan.

Amazingly enough part two, they were kidnapped by alleged Taliban. Then amazingly enough part three, they were freed by Pakastini military. The two names of Joshua’s victims remain with held because of a court order.

Joshua has yet to face any of his charges in a Canadian court. Why is this? Is it because he is a white boy?

He has since been released on bail. He is not allowed to leave Canada and supposedly must wear a global positioning satellite ankle monitor. He lives with his father and mother in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada.

These two clowns were allegedly kidnapped in 2012 while camping. Caitlan was five months pregnant when an alleged group with connections to the Taliban kidnapped them. Here comes another amazing coincedance.

Joshua was once married for awhile to Zaynab Khadr, the sister of Toronto Canada citizen, Omar Khadr. Omar Khadr served time in the United States Guantanamo Bay prison after being captured in Afghanistan. These two clowns Caitlan and Joshua actually met with the Canadian puppet prime minister Justin Trudeau after this amazing release instigated by Pakistani security forces of all groups.

Joshua was legally placed under house arrest on June 1 2018. However, he still has yet to face his assualt charges in a Canadian court. It has now been nearly eight months and this white boy has yet to face any charges.

He was released on a $10,000 bond. His two parents are both resonsible for $10,000 each for this release. Technically, Joshua was released for $30,000.

His parents are acting as sureties in case this white boy flees. Joshua must be accompanied by one of his parents when leaving their Canadian home. He is barred from any Internet access and possessing any fire arms.

Joshua had a trial date scheduled for June 15, 2018. He received a psychiatric evaluation in the spring of 2018. White people trying to play the mental illness card again?

He faces now a total of 19 total criminal charges relating to assault. Caitlin is allegedly a Muslim. Why has the media whore propagandists not yelled Jihad or yelled muslim terrorism?

Could it be perhaps because these two are white people? I find it fascinating that at least Caitlin is muslim and yet the media for the most part have remained silent about this fact. Allegedly, Caitlin is pregnant again.

A trial date for Joshua Boyle has finally been scheduled. He will face nineteen charges on March 19, 2019. That will make it nearly a year and a half since he was initially arrested.

Also, who knows how long this trial will take. This to me is by design by white people. White people are notorious for playing stall tactics.

I would NOT doubt when all is said and done all 19 charges will be dismissed and this white boy will be set free. Wait a minute this white boy has already been freed. He is currently living with his parents.

I was not able to find out why Caitlin Boyle returned to the United States. Supposedly, she is trying to obtain full legal custody of all her children. It maybe possible that Joshua has been barred from being around his own children.

You see one of his assualt victims may have been a child. Caitlin also claimed that she was allegedly raped by Taliban guards. In early January of 2018, a Canadian placed basically a gag order on this case.

In other words pertinent details about this case are barred from being released. Why all the fucking secrecy surrounding this incident? Perhaps prototypical white supremacy in action.

An Ottawa Ontario Canada resident Joshua Boyle is facing multiple sexual assault charges. Another WHITE boy up to no good. He is facing multiple sexual assault charges.

He faces fifteen total charges more succintly. This is the same white clown that allegedly was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years with his family. What the fuck were these white people doing in Afghanistan while the worlds largest white supremacist terrorist organization, the United States Government military was conducting murder?

I do not feel sorry for him or his family. White people need to stop trying to invade Afghanistan. These white mother fuckers from three nation states, Unites States, Russia, and Britain, have tried to invade Afghanistan in the past 100 years.

Here are his charges in greater detail:

* eight assault charges
* two sexual assault charges
* two unlawful confinement charges
* one uttering threats charge
* one public mischief charge misleading a police gestapo, Joshua lied claiming someone was missing and suicidal, a
police officer started an investigation diverting attention away from Joshua
* one charge of administering the antidepressant Trazodone

Amazingly enough, this white cretin and his family returned from Afghanistan on October eleven of last year. Three days later he fucking started assaulting people, including sexually. His white wife to me is lying and trying to claim that this is just his reaction from being held captive for five years.

Supposedly, there are two victims involved, but their names are not being released. This whole Joshua Boyle being kidnapped by the Taliban story does not add up to me. Why would he take his wife backpacking outside of Kabul, Afghanistan knowing the current military intervention there?

Also, amazinlgy enough his wife became pregnant four times while being beaten by their captors. She became pregnant four times in five years. I guess war zones are good breeding, pun intended, grounds for white supremacists?

California Elementary School – Safety Breach by Kevin Neal

The system of WHITE terrorism continues. Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. This time forty three year old white boy Kevin Neal, shot and killed allegedly five people.

It looks as if five victims is accurate, but you never know in this deceitful system. Authoritative goons claim that Kevin shot mulitple people at seven different locations. He was actually out on bail from a previous act of white savagery perpetrated earlier in February of two thousand seventeen.

He was released on $160,000 bond and charged with assault with deadly weapon not firearm or force, great bodily injury likely, battery on person, crime against elder or dependent adult, discharge firearm with gross negligence and false imprisonment with violence. He supposedly murdered two people near his home, including one of his neighbors that he supposedly had an altercation with earlier this year. This WHITE savage had multiple altercations with bystanders along his route to a local Rancho Tehama elementary school.

No school children were killed but one six year old child was supposedly injured. Another child at a different location was injured. Kevin fired bullets into this elementary school through glass.

Allegedly, he possessed a semi automatic rifle and two handguns. Supposedly, he was shot dead by Gestapo. However, this narrative could change. This WHITE boy was wearing possible military attire, in the form of a load bearing vest.

Perhaps he is “ex” military. Who knows, but it would NOT surprise me. This WHITE gunman was also wearing camouflage. According to a local media affiliate KRCR, they reported that there may have been TWO gunmen.

Where have I heard this before? The local Sheriff terrorists denied this was true and claimed it was a lone wolf gunman nut job, that perpetrated this carnage. One witness claimed that two children were shot inside this school. This WHITE savage apparently could not enter this school so he decided to leave and target people elsewhere.

“Series of shots came through the classroom windows, hitting one student, a young boy was shot in the foot and the chest. He said the child was alert and talking. He said another student in an adjacent classroom was shot under the arm.

That child was also conscious.”

During this typical WHITE AFFAIR, pun intended, Kevin stole a white truck and committed drive bys in this small towns’ downtown area. Also, he crashed this pickup truck and then stole another vehicle. Authoritative terrorists claim the body count might increase because there were multiple sites involved.

One woman was taking her child to this elementary school when she was shot severily. Her child was not severily injured. However, this woman may succomb to WHITE terrorism in the hours, days, etc. to come.

As of this blog post creation a total of five people may have died with ten other injuries. All of this prototypical white behaviour began at 8 AM local time.

United States Military – Opens First Military Base In Israel

Two terrorist organizations, the United States military and Israel government military have agreed to allow the United States military to build and open their first base inside of Israel’s border. This Army military base started operation today September eighteen two thousand seventeen. Several dozen American military terrorists will call this base home for now.

This is America’s first official military base on Israeli soil.

“For the first time, the flag of the United States, our most important partner, is deployed inside an IDF base. This expresses more than anything the long-standing partnership and the strategic commitment between the countries and the armies.”

Israel’s military as the savages that they are continue to strengthen their air defense system. They even admit that their increase in air defense systems coincided with allowing another terrorist organization, the United States military to open an army base on their own soil. These two nation states worked on this joint military base for two years.

This military base is located in southern Israel. The american military savages will operate their own equipment and not Israel’s. This is a mute point to me because anyone that has studied these two terror cells, knows that the United States gives anywhere from six to nine billion dollars in aid each year.

Also, the United States military gives free military armament to Israel. Israeli officials would not comment on whether or not these American savages would participate in combat operations. These two incestious kissing cousins have been working on a missile defense system called Iron Dome together.

They both claim that their reason behind this paranoia is their enemy Iran. Hypocrisy in nothing new with military dictatorships. What these two terrorist cells fail to tell you, is that they continue to use offensive measures against nation states like Palestine.

The United States Military of course helped fund the Iron Dome missile defense system, that in two thousand eleven became active. At the same time they continue to fearmonger about other government military nation states building similar systems in an attempt to defend themselves from terrorists like the two militaries that comprises the United States and Israel.

Hydrogen Bomb Test – Performed First Time Ever by North Korea

As an anarchist I don’t support any nation states. Today, September third two thousand seventeen, North Korea allegedly performed their first ever test of a hydrogen bomb. This device is supposedly a nuclear device.

The United States has the most nuclear devices on planet Earth. To me, all governments and their militaries planet wide are terrorist organizations, as they are known to murder innocent humans. Anyways, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claims they have a nuclear device that can be attached to a missile that could land in America.

Also, they claim that this device is actually a hydrogen bomb. This bomb is supposedly sevent times larger than the hydrogen bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This is supposedly North Korea’s sixth ever nuclear test.

This does not affect me emotionally one bit, as again I am an Anarchist that is opposed to all government and military planet wide. China, Japan, and South Korea denounced these tests in public. However, who knows what these lunatic nation states communicate to each other privately.

Vipin Narang called this a “city buster” type detonation device. He was quoted verbatim as saying:

“Now, with even relatively inaccurate intercontinental ballistic missile technology, they can destroy the better part of a city with this yield.”

That kind of a quote does not warm my heart. However, when the United States military murders countless babies, children, women in foreign lands, that does not warm my heart either. Obviously, I am speaking metaphorically.

Although, being too close to epicenter of a nuclear blast, may literally warm your heart. This test took place at noon local North Korean time at the Punggye-ri testing site. According to the United States Geological Survey, this blast caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake reading.

Japan’s military deployed sniffer planes to try to sniff for radiation levels. Not a very good nasal addiction to have. North Korea successfully tested it’s first ever Inter Continental Ballistic Missile this past July.

After a second successful test, they deduced that one of their missiles could reach Chicago or Denver. I happen to live in this dump called Denver, COLORado. North Korea claims that these hydrogen bombs are made only using parts and labor from within this nation state.

As is proverbial with arrogant Americans, some have doubts to whether or not North Korea really has developed and tested a hydrogen Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Some international independent nuclear scientists have claimed that this device had around one hundred kilotons of energy yield.

This would be seven to eight times more energy than that hydrogen bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. South Korea’s meterology department claims that North Korea’s recent missile testings are getting exponentially greater. What is ironic is that the United States controlled by white people is the only nation state ever to use nuclear weapons against another nation state.

Two hydrogen bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am not defending North Korea’s government military. I am just pointing out facts.

This hydrogen bomb test was supposedly under ground. There are photos of the puppet North Korean president Kim Jong un inspecting what is claimed as the hydrogen device being loaded into an Inter Contintental Ballistic Missile. However, there ares skeptics claiming they would need to see photos of this alleged missile test.

State of New Jersey – Labels Antifa Anarchist Extremists

The State of New Jersey, which to me is a domestic terrorist organization, basically labeled Antifa domestic terrorists or according to their bulletin “Anarchist Estremists: Antifa”. They released this bulletin on June twelve two thousand seventeen. All governments and their militaries to me fall under the definition of terrorism.

Antifa stands for Anti Fascism. This idealogy is nothing new. This idealogy dates back to at least the nineteen thirties.

Ironically enough, Antifa fought the German fascists in nineteen thirties Germany. You must remember, government is an abstraction. However, real humans make government and military function.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, is to me a bonafide terrorist. Most if not all politicians in America are paper and pen terrorists to me. Chris Christie wanted to track illegal immigrants as if they were Fedex packages.

I’m not making that up. Antifa are not a centralized group. Some people claim there are around two hundred Antifa groups in America.

Nobody knows for certain. I am not a right or left Anarchist. Antifa has left or far left idealogies.

However, at times they fight bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. Some Antifa groups admit they will use acts of physical force. However, this year the alternative right and mainstream right groups have perpetrated quite a few acts of violence themselves.

People have been killed and severily injured in these right versus left clashes. The Antifa bulletin from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security did label far right groups that have clashed with Antifa as “Extremists”. I am a pacifist anarchist and don’t support any offensive violence.

However, you have a right to defend yourself from a person(s). As long as nobody gets physically hurt or killed, who fucking cares. The great irony to me is that a real terrorist organization, the New Jersey government, would label another group extremist.

Antifa has been battling white supremacy in recent years. Perhaps that is why some state governments are labeling them extremist now. Chris Christie is a repugnant, I mean Republican that ran for puppet president in two thousand sixteen.

I would support Antifa only to a certain extent. When it comes to offensive physical force, I cannot align myself with them. That is why I am glad I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist Anarchist.

Most clashes between right versus left this year, have been perpetrated by white people. That to me is another important point of contention as a person that is NOT white. To me what is important is being honest and truthful about when certain groups perpetrate violence and not to get into a right versus left emotional duality.

US Navy Battleships – John S McCain Collides With Singapore Ship

In perhaps an event of natural karma, a United States vessel named USS John McCain, collided with a commercial ship. Since I am anti-war and anti-military, then quite frankly I don’t feel sorrow for anyone involved in this incident. Allegely, ten military terrorists are missing after this supposed accident.

Five other crew members were supposedly injured. If the United States was not so obsessed with being an empire, perhaps I would not be blogging about it. This is not a brand new destroyer as has been incorrectly pointed out on the Internet.

Construction began on this United States Navy ship in nineteen ninety one. Also, this ship was first launced in September of nineteen ninety two. Some reports claim this destroyer collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore.

The straight of Malacca is more specifically succinctly. The name of the merchant vessel is Alnic MC. This ship has been damaged but supposedly sailing back to port. The Alnic MC is a chemical and oil tanker weighing thirty thousand tons and length is six hundred feet.

Preliminary reports claim that this United States Navy destroyer was hit port side. A larg hole was seen in one photograph. The Alnic was registered with and flying a Liberian flag.

This accident occurs roughly just two months after another Naval ship, the Fitzgerald collided with a freightor off the coast of Japan. Also, the USS John McCain has been involved in controversial voyages recently. China condemned a voyage into the South China Sea near an island now controlled by them.

Another Navy cruiser in May, the Lake Champlain, collided with a fishing vessel from South Korea. In February, a guided missile vessel, the Antietam ran onto shore, spilling more than one thousand gallons of hydraulic fluid. Looks like Donald “Chump” Trump and the worlds largest terrorist organization, the United States military is indeed making America great again…lol

Although, I boycott politics and do not choose political sides.