Israel and Palestine Peace – Is This Really Genetic Cleansing?

Tiger by The Tail video film documentary. Placing an Israeli Palestine conflict in a context as seen from the United Nations and in general the worlds perspective, in contrast to the United States government and the Israeli governments own conflicted perspective. This documentary highlights questionable arguments and propaganda used by the United States and Israeli governments, who justify actions of stealing Palestine land.

It shows clearly an extent of land and inevitably destructed lives which has been a result of this holocaust. Great destruction resulting in an extensive loss of life. Is genocide occurring in Palestine?

The media outlets in The United States and Israel will make you believe other wise. What doesn’t get reported very much if at all in both a fore mentioned nation states, is the amount of death and destruction occurring in Palestine. Not only does the United States and Israel not report about possible genocide occurring in Palestine, but often times it paints Palestinians as terrorists.

Whom are the real terrorists in this scenario? Palestine doesn’t have much of a military or government for that matter when compared to perhaps monolithic monsters Israel and the United States. The United States gives around six to nine billion annual military aid to Israel from my understanding.

This does not account for items that are basically free or not accounted for in terms of currency. Is what is taking place in Palestine genetic cleansing? Is it perhaps racism white supremacy?

Is it solely a land grab? Some of these questions are asked and answered in this documentary. If anything this documentary at least tries to view this conflict from a different perspective.

Albeit this perspective is contrary to what propaganda is being used in the Israel and United States media.

Esoteric Audio – Just Exactly What is a New World Order All About?

What is Esoteric Agenda. Esoteric Agenda is a two thousand eight documentary film by Ben Stewart, lead singer of the band Hierosonic. This film claims to expose a secret agenda being carried out by a conspiratorial elite bent on establishing a “New World Order” on twenty one of December two thousand twelve, which is said to be an end date of a five thousand one hundred twenty five year long cycle in a Mayan long count calendar.

Just exactly what is a New World Order? Some people claim it is a one world government designed to rule over the entire planet and replace “sovereign” nations. From my perspective there is already a one world government, which is called the United Nations.

Also, when I looked up that term New World in a dictionary, it basically means western hemisphere or North and South America. Is there really an esoteric agenda or hidden agenda at play? Most if not all governments worldwide are tyrannical in nature now.

What difference would their be world wide if there was just one large government oppressing people instead? Would there even be enough resources to carry out this larger conspiracy? Sometimes I wonder if documentaries like this are designed to scare people into accepting and pleading to keep a current system in place.

If you were to scare somebody of an impending problem, could you not just be trying to control them so that they would not try to dismantle a current system? While Esoteric Agenda does bring about some accurate points, I didn’t see or hear to many solutions. Let’s say hypothetically that if such a New World Order were to come into fruition, then what could be done to stop it?

Once in place, what solutions are there to combat it so to speak? There have been quite a few documentaries similar to Esoteric Agenda of late. Interestingly a lot of them have occurred after those events of September eleven two thousand one in Manhattan, New York City.

You can find Esoteric Agenda for free online by performing an Internet search for it.

Zeitgeist Films – Is Zeitgeist Movement a One World Government Con?

Zeitgeist, The Movie was created as not for profit expressions to communicate what an author felt were highly important social understandings, which most humans are generally not aware of. A first film focuses on suppressed historical and modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity, if some power structures at large continue their patterns of self interest, corruption, and consolidation. Zeitgeist films fundamentally deal with a resource based economy.

After trying to analytically critically and cynically interpret these films, my opinion is that there already is a resource based economy. Although, under a zeitgeist model, money would no longer be used. Whom would control the Earth’s natural resources is one question that came to mind.

If it would be same group of individuals that are controlling the Earth’s resources now, would things really change and improve? Jacque Fresco is “ex” military serving in United States Army in early nineteen forties. Both Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have been involved with United Nations functions, even though Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project are basically opposed to using government entities in future centuries.

Another thing is that a resource based economy foundation also had ties to the United Nations. To me the United Nations is a one world government institution.

Founding members of Zeitgeist and Venus Project have been very reluctant in past of being transparent and divulging some of their future plans. This strikes as alarming to me because don’t you think future individuals living in a resource based economy without money have a right to know how it will be designed, function, operate, controlled, etc.? Overall, I do like some concepts in Zeitgeist films.

This current system to me is a disaster and perhaps will only get worse as time goes on. However, others have sounded an alarm that perhaps Zeitgeist really wants a one world communist system which could be worse then what is in place now. You can obtain all past Zeitgeist films for free from their official site.

Search For Truth – Is History Basically Lies and or Distortion?

An age old concept of searching for truth. Is history as told in books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc. really as factual as portrayed? Is it really more succinctly basically lies or distortion of reality used against citizenry?

The more I study history the more I have come to a conclusion that history in my perspective is a brain washing propaganda campaign. Perhaps that is why you have some kind of truth movement after some events of September eleven two thousand one in downtown Manhattan, New York. History was literally rewritten about 911 after some extensive searching.

Have other historical facts really been distortions of reality used to control minds of your average citizen? Also, I have noticed certain individuals in society get highly defensive if you question historical facts. I would think it is hard to obfuscate each and every action in history.

However, I think certain actions that occur, when delving deeper seem to create more unanswered questions. How many times have you noticed that a piece of history is corrected in society? There are too many topics discussed in society as truth to cover in just one blog post.

Massaging the masses of human brains is perhaps an age old practice. To me one reason for lying about history or to put it another way, distorting reality is to control what one thinks. Perhaps if an individual really found out what happened they would be in for quite a rude awakening.

I question most history because I definitely think current reality is and has been distorted in my short life. If current written history is deceptive, then why wouldn’t past history be wrong or not accurate. Some people argue that it is ridiculous to think history would be distorted intentionally.

My argument is that it makes sense with concepts like politics, government, military, etc. controlling a society.

Linguistic Studies – Are There Common Stupidities in English?

Heron Stone from joined me in a discussion of linguistics. Heron covered five stupidities of the English language. He covered absolutism, dualism, reification, the word THE, and the verb to be.

Heron described examples of absolutism in the English language. Some examples of absolute words are all, everything, always, never, none, completely, etc. Using absolute generalizations can cause problems when discussing some subjects.

Another topic he covered was a theme of duality in language compared to nature. In nature two valued logic, which is basically what a duality exemplifies is not as common as one might think. Examples of a duality are Coke or Pepsi, Democrats or Republicans, legal or illegal, yes or no, etc.

What reification means and examples used in language was articulated. He described reification as basically a form of abstraction. Love, communism, democracy, politics, etc. are examples of reification.

Heron talked about how commonly used the word THE is in the English language. He gave examples of when and when not to use the word THE. An example of the used improperly is pointing out a green chair as the chair when there are more then one chair in close proximity.

Another common stupidity of the English language is how the verb to be is used. Again Heron described proper sentence structure to replace this commonly misused verb. To be as a verb is quite ambiguous and general.

There are other stupidities of the English language, but these five can cause problems during discussions. I personally have encountered and been a part of arguments when language is used in this manner. Also, to me some speakers can put people in language trances purposely when using these concepts.

Slavery Economics – Are Large Corporations Wage Slave Entities?

I discussed some events of September eleven, two thousand one in New York City extensively. Twin towers tumbling down was talked about per usual as an inside job. Exactly how those towers were really destroyed was a big issue.

Another topic spoken about was controlled opposition. Definitions of what controlled opposition ideology were bantered about. As in previous broadcasts, examples of controlled opposition and tactics they used was reiterated.

Corporate slavery came up as a discussion piece quite frequently. Are corporations really more nefarious than profit generators? Do large corporations function as wage slave entities?

Another theme discussed at length was government control. Is government’s sole purpose to control and regulate? A possibility that government is used as an oppressive control mechanism, among other roles, was chatted about.

Taxation as a method of slavery was glossed over as well. Is taxation just another form of forced upon servitude? Also, do your tax dollars really go towards services that government purports to provide?

Mainstream media propaganda was another focal point that was widely discussed. Does media function as truth tellers or more succinctly propaganda artists, solely to shape the way humans think? Also, whom actually run media outlets in America such as military rather then corporations was dissected.

Medical and pharmaceutical dangers was a common theme during this discussion. Does medical industrial complex really have best interest of their patients at heart? Also, whether or not pharmaceutical products actually are harmful rather than helpful was articulated.

What started off on a discussion of a global enslavement system segwayed into numerous other topics. Is there a global system of slavery on this Planet? If so, who is responsible for setting up a system used to oppress certain people?

Are economic systems like capitalism just a way to control and enslave people? Is capitalism really about freedom but more succinctly slavery? Working for a living and trying to keep enough food on my table as well as a roof over my head I don’t think is an accident and is designed to control me.

911 Attacks – Are Land of Free and Home of Brave Absurd Slogans?

I was joined in an interesting chat about some events of September 11, 2001 in New York City. Was 911 indeed an inside job like many theories out there purport it to have been? We talked about how exactly we thought that both twin towers on September eleven two thousand one came down.

Another discussion talked about was what a thesis of controlled opposition is defined as. Are there really agents, cointelpro, provaceuters, etc. in society controlling opposition to government agendas, taxation, military, etc.? A list of individuals allegedly falling under definitions of controlled opposition were discussed.

Fear mongering was another topic of discussion. Does media, military, government, etc. use fear mongering tactics to get people to go along with their agendas? Fear mongering can be perhaps used in multiple ways for multiple reasons.

A global enslavement system was talked about as well. Many facets of this alleged global enslavement system was articulated. Are Americans really as free as they might think they are?

Is “the land of the free” and “home of the brave” absurd slogans? The United States government military loves to propagandize how free America is in contrast to other nations. Well when studying these other abstract nations, it has come quite clear that this notion of freedom in America is a distortion of reality.

America is just as oppressive as other nations on this planet. I do not see much differences in this part of the planet than in other areas that have a government military running things. America to me is one of the most corrupt nation states on Earth if not the most corrupt political entity.

American schools, history books, experts, government officials, media, etc. keep spewing off this absurd notion. Meanwhile more and more laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, etc. are created to keep Americans controlled and enslaved.